Wedding Foresight!!

Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale!

Every girl, right from when she can think wants a fairy tale wedding. Wedding goals set by “William and Kate”, “Priyanka and Nick” or “Virat and Anushka” are here to stay.

This is one day when nothing can or should go wrong, after all it’s when ‘I’ becomes ‘us’.

Clarity of thoughts and planning are the key words here. You got to know what you want and this home work needs to be done before you meet your wedding planner. It will be easier for him to work if he knows what is in your mind.

The first are the most important ingredient of this wedding potpourri is of course The Mr Right !!! If its somebody you know… very good, your parents suggest, again very good but I also see so many made in heaven matches with the aid of websites which always take ultra care to maintain your privacy and do a wonderful task of helping you meet your type of people. So go ahead…. This trend is fast catching up J

Now that our Prince Charming has arrived on his white stallion to woo our pretty damsel, its time to put on our planning caps.

Like I said pre list what and how you want things to be and then leave it to the expertise of the planner to find a way.

First count your guests and then decide the venue. You don’t want it to be too small or big.

It’s also advisable to let one vendor lead you to another. Your photographer might know a florist who has the best blooms and your reception manager might know about a band that packs the dance floor.

It’s always good to taste the dishes decided in advance. No risks here….. some come just for the foodJ.

Gifts and sweets!!! Good packing of these is just so important. Half the battle is won if the relatives are happy with what they get. Am sure you’ll find so many out there who have innovative and pocket friendly suggestions.

And now my favourite part……. Dressing the Bride<3.

To look your best start at least a couple of months in advance. Choose a dress that’s not only beautiful but also comfortable. You’ll have it on for a few hours that day. Keep the theme of the wedding in mind while choosing your dress. Trials are oh so important. Do that at least a couple of times and keep it on for  some time. Sit ,stand and walk around in it. Give you foot wear and jewellery a very serious thought, it has to be in sync with your dress.

Short list at least 3to 4 make up artists. Take a trial from all. Take photos after every session so that its easy for you to finalise one best. Do check the products they use and tell in advance if you are allergic to any.

Photograph not just the wedding but the preparation too. every pic will tell a story J.

Your fitness is of prime importance. we don’t want you feeling weak or tired that day :0.

Hit the gym (there are special designed workouts for brides to be), do yoga or join that  Zumba class. Watch your diet ….keep the oil and salt away. keep your self hydrated, minimum 8 to 10 glasses everyday  and see the skin glow.

Your dream day has to be perfect and there are professionals to plan a hassle free wedding for you. These memories are going to last a life time, they can never be replaced so co all out dearie It’s your day! And don’t forget that, ”I’m go glad I read this “;



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