Poor Dental Habits Causing Serious Damage To Your Teeth

Poor Dental Habits Causing Serious Damage To Your Teeth

Teeth are a part of the human body that needs to be kept clean and healthy by maintaining them every day and dental habits determine the overall health. Oral health is an essential aspect of human health as poor dental habits can cause serious damage to the teeth. There are many types of bad dental habits which can ruin the dental health and also damage teeth in the long run. The following are some ways how various poor dental habits cause serious damage to the teeth:

Poor Dental Habits

Skipping Regular Brushing

Regular poor dental habits like not brushing regularly can completely ruin the teeth. It can cause bacteria to develop in the mouth and also leads to the buildup of plaque. This is an extremely bad habit as it can lead to bad breath; tooth decay, gum diseases, and also can lead to cavities. Brushing too hard can also lead to damage to the teeth and also can irritate the gums which in turn damages the teeth.

Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding is a habit that many people have and it happens unknowingly for most people. It is particularly a habit that is developed due to stress and sometimes people also grind their teeth during sleep. Teeth grinding over the long run wear down the teeth over time shrinking the size of the teeth which leads to teeth damage.

Playing Sports without Mouth Guard

Most physical sports involve running, jumping, moving swiftly, or even coming in contact with other players. Playing without a mouth guard is a recipe for disaster as this can lead to permanent damage to the teeth. This means that a bump or a fall while playing can lead to chipping of teeth or even losing teeth. Most professional players use mouth guards during tournaments

Smoking & Tobacco Use

There are different types of bad habits which can cause health problems even problems with teeth. Smoking is a habit that is bad for health in the long run and so is chewing tobacco. These habits stain the teeth which make the teeth look unclean. It can cause periodontal diseases and gum disease which can be harmful to the teeth. Smoking and tobacco use can lead to tooth decay over the long run which can damage the teeth.

Sweets & Soda

Sweets in large quantities are very bad for the teeth and people who enjoy sweets and candy are likely to have teeth problems. Chewy candies like gummies can stick to the teeth and can remain on the teeth for hours. Eating sugary foods every day can lead to long term tooth decay which can also involve losing teeth over time. Sodas, fruit drinks, and even energy drinks can all cause harm to the teeth. These drinks are filled with sugar and also have a strong acid content in them. The acid in these drinks creates a coating on the enamel which is bad for the teeth. 

Opening Packets with Teeth

Many people have a bad habit of tearing open plastic packets with their teeth. They use their teeth as a tool to open different packets especially food packets like a bag of chips. This can cause damage to the teeth and can chip or crack the teeth if done haphazardly and aggressively.

Chewing on Ends of Writing Equipment

Another bad dental habit that can damage the teeth is chewing on pens, pencils, and other writing material. Some people have a bad habit of chewing on ice which is also bad for the teeth. These habits can crack and chip the teeth which can cause permanent damage to the teeth.

It is important to protect the teeth and the above mentioned bad habits are very bad for the teeth and can cause permanent damage to the teeth.

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