Listing on Online Directories to Drive Website Traffic

Getting listed on a web directory is one of the most convenient ways to increase traffic to your website. There are some good online directories like VIP India. It is the best possible method to drive traffic to your website especially through industry-specific local search engines. It does not cost much.

Listing is important for small businesses

In case you are the owner of a small business and have a limited presence online, you must get listed in online directories. The directory will enhance your visibility through local search engine results and make up for your absence on social media platforms. It will enable you to get clients from your area and city. It will aid you in sourcing raw material and/or selling your products/services locally as well as globally.

The online directories have categorized businesses according to industries, sectors, and regions. There are many other filter options. Online directories through search engine optimization improve your ranking and your company name is visible to the user. The visitor is then driven to your company website with just a click. 

Listing is easy 

To register you just have to share the company email, phone number, or physical address and the link to your website. Try to eliminate duplicate listings, if any. VIP India offers an option to check the accuracy, correctness, and completeness of your listings. Make sure you use the correct abbreviated forms everywhere to avoid confusion and misleading. Even a minor mistake and discrepancy can cost you the traffic or reduce your visibility. Online directories use artificial intelligence (AI) for operations especially to sort and filter details.

Share correct information

Save a text file with all your company information, you provide in your listings; business name, business operational hours, exact address, and industry. You may also be asked to include a bio, a short description, a history, and a long description of your business. Having the information in one place will save your time and bring consistency. It will reduce the chances of errors and mistakes.

Your logo and other images also matter. Make a folder to store your logo, photos of your business, and a headshot. This will speed up the process to find the images whenever you need them. Also, it will help you to shortlist the right images to be used for listing in the online directory to attract the right customer to your website.

Advantages of VIP India

There are many listing sites but not all are as good as VIP India. Not all listing sites have a pool of resources as VIP India has. The number of businesses listed on the site matters! VIP is an India trade directory and has many companies listed from across India and various industries. Various manufacturers and suppliers in India have shared their data and information, which is safely stored.

If you miss out on the opportunity to get listed you may unintentionally send traffic to your competitor’s website. You may quickly search to check for the company from your specific industry listed online. This will give you a fair idea about the importance of listing as most companies seek online listing to improve visibility.

Online directories are focused to tap mobile users who search for information more on their smartphones or tablets than their desktop computers. Lookup for your business and other businesses from your industry/location on your smartphone. Does your listing appear good and read well on your mobile device? Does it show up in the local search engine? If it does, you are good to go!

Wait and watch the increase in the traffic on your website!

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