Every business may it be big or small needs to have specific strategies for Lead Generation to help the business thrive and grow. It is very necessary to generate interest in your potential clients in your business, services, and products. Lead generation needs a lot of planning as well as a budget allotment. When one starts a small business, they have to carefully plan out lead generation to ensure better results while sticking to minimal budgeting. Here in this article, we have chalked out lead generation methods to help you generate leads for your small and medium sized business without burning a hole in the pocket.

1.     ONLINE WEBINARS and EVENTS: These are cheaper than hosting in-person events, but also has a wider reach. The targeted crowd can access these from the comfort of their homes in real-time or later access the content when convenient for them. Webinars and Online events cover a wide variety of topics and help to grow the online audience. This will not only create a brand image but also spread awareness among the audiences.


2.     LOCAL SEO: This is the best lead generation source even though it needs expertise and significant planning. But once this is set rolling it provides long-term benefits. Search Engine optimization means to optimize the contents of your website to improve its ranking on Google and lead the traffic to your website. Making visually interesting interfaces increases the chances of the audience staying for longer on your website.


3.     EMAIL MARKETING: Email lead generations come in handy mainly for b2b lead generation. There is a variety of software available online for email marketing. TO make sure your mail doesn’t end up in the spam box of your clients, Omit usage of spam words in the email. You need to study the Open Rates, Read Rates, and Click-through Rates of your email campaigns to know if they are successful or it requires more planning.



4.     ONLINE ADVERTISEMENTS: There are many options for online advertisements such as Search Ads, Display Ads, Video Ads, and App Ads. These help to display your ads to your potential customers when they are searching for similar terms on their screen. These services post ads based on the audience’s interests, demographics, and requirements.  Google Ads and Microsoft advertising are two big names when it comes to Online Advertising.


5.     SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING: Most MSME companies in India are opting for social media marketing. Social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc provide ads at very low rates and are cost-effective. There are around 3.5 billion users on social media which are continuously growing. Post BTS videos, infographics, interactive posts, videos, photographs, client reviews, etc. on social media handles. Keeping the clients engaged and responding to them on social media ensures to keep the clients hooked to your business.

With the changing scenario of the business world, new lead generation ideas are coming up that are more effective. The times are changing and there is a shift from traditional methods to digital alternatives. They have their own benefits and as cost-effective too.

Every business is different, so one would need to experiment, split test, and plan accordingly to know which methods suit your business best. You also have to implement creative strategies to stand out in the crowd. Do not stick to the old strategies. It is very important to keep upgrading and modifying the methodologies to suit your current scenarios. You also have to mix and match various techniques to come to a final conclusion.

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