How to Increase Business during Covid-19

How to Increase Business during Covid-19


Maintaining sales has been one of the main challenges for SMEs during this COVID-19 pandemic. However, businesses must be optimistic and focus on devising a plan to survive. Below are few tips for Business Survival during Covid-19


·       Move physical stores on the Internet?

 If your business has not yet migrated into the digital world, what are you waiting for? Digital Business has growing day by day, as they provide greater safety to consumers due to social distancing.

If your business activity takes place in a physical store, you must begin to transfer it to the Internet (if you have not already done so). Take the time to create an online store that allows customers to get what they need from your business without putting their health at risk. It can also be useful to have a long-term online store. In fact, e-commerce sales are expected to exceed $ 4.88 billion in 2021. With an online store, you won't have to worry that decreased foot traffic or confinement will hurt your business.

·       Internationalization and new alliances

The entry into new emerging markets to search for new clients or partners or collaborators will be a key factor for the company's growth. Alliances also take on a special role to reach other markets or create new products nationally and internationally.

·       Bet on Omnichannel

In today's society, where the offer is increasingly wide and varied, customers have become more demanding and have become omnichannel users. Therefore, there are no longer online and offline environments, but they coexist, integrate, and interact. Therefore, it will be necessary to make use of different channels to reach all customers and thus be able to increase sales.

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·       Liquidity and commercial talent

It is well known that margins in commercial operations are of special importance. However, having working capital is a priority during this crisis, and thinking a little more about cash than profitability. And as far as commercial talent is concerned, it is interesting to activate measures of loyalty and motivation of commercials that have seen their income decrease by reducing their commissions.


·       Communicate with relevant stakeholders

Clear and timely communications are essential when creating a platform to rethink the business and make sure about ongoing support from clientele, workers, suppliers, creditors, investors, and authoritarian authorities.


·       Know your customer review


Encourage your customers to share their experiences when shopping in your store. The positive opinions will help you give solidity and seriousness to your business, and the negative ones will help you polish the process and establish improvement actions, always seeking your buyers' satisfaction.

·       Get paid online.


These days, there are multiple secure online payment options so that you have a better chance of closing your sales since you can choose the one that best suits your needs at the time of charging. On the other hand, this would be contributing to the social distancing necessary in these times of pandemic since the physical contact required to make and receive payments online is zero.


·       Focus on helping your online customers by using digital channels

It is important not to neglect your customers, enable telephone and email assistance, but do not stop there. In times of crisis, you must increase your customer service capabilities and ensure optimal and timely communication. Social networks are a good option to promote this communication. Make use of Social networks to promote your new products. These days' Social Media Marketing for Business is the best way to get in touch with customers. 

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