Getting Listed on an Online Directory Improves the Search Engine Ranking

Businesses around the world have moved from just being present online to having a good search engine ranking. The online world is more or less like a mandi or a physical market; innumerable businesses are offering the same product or services. Merely going online would not be enough to beat the competition. You need to pull the customers to your website, which is your online shop before they step into your competitor’s online shop. VIP India understands this requirement of every business hence it has created a  business-to-business service space for companies to get listed so that their online presence gets promoted and customers far and wide get to know about the business. Getting listed on online directories like VIP India also improves your search ranking.

Online Search Ranking

Generally, search engine optimization (SEO) is followed by businesses to enhance their Google ranking. However, it takes a lot of effort and time before they can reap the benefits. On the other hand, by getting listed on an online resource directory you are seeking aid from a source that is already valued by Google. The established online directory like VIP India has already put in years of work to gain the expertise and win the trust of the biggest online search engine. Generally, the first page of search results includes the list of businesses present on the online directories. 

By getting listed on the online business directory like VIP India’s website, you stand the chance of gaining from their already established SEO; hence your business may make it to the first page of Google search result. Listing helps improve your online search ranking! 

Good Ranking helps your potential customers find you

Remember that if you wish to be discovered by your potential customers, your product/service must appear in the top results of all relevant online searches. Through complex algorithms that keep on changing big search engines ascertain your ranking. The search engine also checks the credibility of a website along with its relevance for a particular keyword. The Indian search engine and other search engines check the credibility of a website through the number of “backlinks” present on the website. Backlinks are the links created on the other websites to land on your website.  

Online databases and directories create links back to the websites of all the companies listed with them. This improves the online search rankings of the listed companies. This is one of the major benefits of getting listed on online directories like VIP India. It is important that the backlinks are created on credible and good quality/reputed websites; creating backlinks on just any website would not solve the purpose. The updated Google algorithm rejects or discredits the backlinks from websites with poor credibility. So be careful, getting your business listed on low-quality online directories may adversely affect your online search ranking. 

Tips for better listing your business for enhanced ranking:

∙ Ensure you list your business on a credible website like VIP India that is  being used by customers to discover products/services

∙ Get your business listed on directories that have an authentication process in place to make it known that your website is legitimate before the listing goes live

∙ Remember that industry-specific and niche directories though are precise but have limited reach. 

∙ Avoid, getting listed on too many free of cost directories or free business listing

∙ The primary goal of getting listed should be search engine optimization and not merely getting many backlinks. The aim is to get discovered by as many customers as possible.

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